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Inconsistent post tagging

More than once, I've had trouble finding a recipe again because it wasn't fully tagged. For example, I might want to read the posts on a Cook the Book series, but that week ended up really busy for me and I didn't get around to it. When I return to the site, I expect that I can click on the Cook the Book tag and see all the posts in that category. That's often not the case. Dinner Tonight is the other category I tend to look for, and there is the same problem - for example, the (very delicious!) DT post I used yesterday


is tagged only "flounder, sandwiches," not Dinner Tonight. I'm not citing this to criticize Nick, just to give an example.

It would be a real help if whatever copy review process you have before you post new pieces added a quick check to make sure they are tagged with at least the name of the feature they're part of every time.

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