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Choose My Restaurant, Manhattan

Hi All,

So here is the deal; My best friend and I are going to be celebrating her birthday in Manhattan, and I want to take her out for a special birthday dinner. I was thinking restaurant week options would be good since they are 3 course specials that will be a break from our norm of "entree and share a dessert, check please" I have made reservations for Le Cirque, but my foodie boss told me to skip it and wasn't worth it. I am also having seconds thoughts. So I put my full trust in your foodie minds to pick a place for me here are some specs about the two diners: We are both 21 year old young ladies who like to be in chic trendy places, but please quality is still super important, a look can not make a place worth while. We like all foods, but we usually end up at either Greek, Japanese or Italian places. I have posted the link to the restaurant week list and hopefully you guys can guide me in the best bet.


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