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Ceramic Knife Brands?

Earlier in the summer, I picked up a Wusthof Grand Prix II chef's knife when I spotted a great deal on Amazon Marketplace. I've been exceedingly happy with it, but after giving away the cheap, hand-me-down, Wal-Mart block knives I was using before, it is also the only knife I own.

I've decided that, at the very least, I need a new paring knife, and I'm thinking of going ceramic. The sharper edge seems like it would be ideal for the sorts of precise work I use a paring knife for, and it appears that the price is generally more reasonable than steel knives.

My immediate thought was Kyocera, and it looks like I could pick up a 3" paring knife for about $25. This is certainly within my price range, but I also noted a Shenzhen knife for $15, and every $10 counts. The brand as a whole appears well rated on Amazon, but I know how little that can mean. Does anybody have experience with Shenzhen knives or have another recommendation to make?

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