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Freezing creamed soups

With ripe, cheap and plentiful vegetables in season, I am going to the Farmer's Market to buy produce so that I can make up soups and freeze them for Winter eating.

Most of the soups I make are vegetable based, but I have a recipe for a lovely, "Leek and Stilton Soup" that calls for some milk and cream. I would like to avoid the milk products from "breaking up" when reconstituted from the frozen state. Do you think it would be appropriate to substitute evaporated milk instead? The creamed soup still tastes delicious, but doesn't look good. I suppose the other thing I could do is make up the soup and add the milk products before serving, but that is a bit of trouble I don't need on a busy day, and also, I like to make up several batches of soup at a time, so knowing exactly how much milk is required might be a problem. Thanking you in advance for any help or advice.

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