Authentic Tex Mex Part 2: How to Make Smoked Rattlesnake Queso

Do you have a recipe for Smoked Rattlesnake Queso?

The other day a buddy of mine bagged a rattler at his ranch-ette out in Burnet Texas. It was his first one at his new house and he was right proud.

"How'd it taste" was my first question.

"Well, I don't know. I haven't eaten any of it yet, I got some out in my jeep if you want it".

Turns out I would like some fresh killed rattler. I'd like it for a batch of queso I've been thinking about making.

Here's my recipe for Smoked Rattlesnake Queso

First let's make a roux to tighten the queso

4 oz butter

4 oz flour

* Heat butter, add flour, stir til roux forms, cook 5 minutes, set aside

Ingredients for queso:

1 freshly killed Texas Rattler dressed out to several edible ounces

8 oz Longhorn Cheddar, grated

6 each Chiles, Hatch, Roasted, Chopped

24 oz Milk, Whole, from a local cow if at all possible


* Shred snake meat to consistency of chopped chicken, make a foil pouch leaving top open, toss the rattler with oil, salt and pepper, place in pouch

* Build fire on one side of smoker, let go to embers, place soaked wood chunks [I like hickory] on fire

* Put rattler pouch on opposite side of fire, open vent directly over rattler meat

* Let smoke for 2 hours, remove

Method Part 2

* Heat milk in heavy saucepan

* Add cheese

* Stir til melted

* Add roux

* Add chopped chiles

* Add rattler

* Stir til consistency is as you like it

* This formula will make a fairly "loose" queso

* If you like it thicker just cook on stove top at medium for 15 minutes and a reduction will occur

Voila. Tex Mex at it's finest. It sounds like a joke but yes, rattlesnake's flavor is similar to chickens

Bon Appetit y'all

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