UK And US, Differences Between Sausages

Having lived in the US for the past 8 years, it has become abundantly clear to me that the vast majority of, what are commonly referred to as 'sausages', are based on the 'Bratwurst' style.

Even so called British Bangers bear no resemblance to the real British Bangers, but are a whole lot like 'Bratwurst'.

Breakfast links are slightly closer to British Bangers, but sadly rubbery and lacking flavour.

The rubbery consistency, found in hot dogs and Bratwurst, seems to have invaded all of the other sausages available. Whatever they're supposed to be, apple etc, Andouille, etc etc. they all have the same texture.

What's the deal? I don't understand it? How come the flavour and texture of sausages in the British Isles and Ireland cannot be found here?

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