New York

Solo Celebratory Dinner?

Hi all! I'm coming in to NYC to take the bar exam next week and would like to treat myself to a celebratory dinner Wednesday night. I'm reaching out because there are just so many places I'd like to try that I don't know where to start.

Price is no object, but atmosphere is - I want a place that will feel welcoming to a solo 20 something woman and isn't so "special" that I'll feel like I should share the experience. Cuisine? I like everything, but I just can't do raw fish, so no sushi please. I'm staying in the Meatpacking District, but I'm willing to travel for awesome food. Also, it should be a place where I don't have to have reservations, because I'll need a nap after the bar and don't want to feel rushed to get to dinner.

Thank you all!

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