Share the Pocky Love!

Inspired by the "You could eat a whole box of..." thread, I figured I'd start a new topic rather than hijack that one.

So come on, tell me: What's your favorite Pocky flavor?
Like it? Love it? Leave it for the rest of us?
And let's not leave out Pocky's savory relation, Pretz.

No idea what I'm talking about? Wikipedia to the rescue! Suffice to say, Pocky is a Japanese snack consisting of a crunchy biscuit stick coated with chocolate or one of many other delicious flavors.

Mmm, Pocky. Apple yogurt, milk, pineapple, almond crush, milk coffee, the good strawberry ones with the little bits in them, matcha, pumpkin, caramel, any of the mousse varieties...and my favorite, the yogurt flavored.

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