Serious Exercise for Serious Eaters

Okay. This is serious.

What do you, serious eaters, do to counteract all the serious goodness? Like the Veloce-Motorino double-tiramisu bomb suggested in today's New York Sugar Rush (what a diet killer!) Or, you know, just general eating of lobster rolls and corn on the cob and berry cobbler and soups and tarts and noodle dishes etc. All this talk is making me hungry.

Basis for this question: I am a female in my mid-twenties, 5'4, and of perfectly average, healthy weight (around 140). However, I would like to kill five pounds just for my closet's sake and because I know weight loss is harder as one ages, so I'd rather give myself a head start as I confront the slowing of my metabolism (not that it was ever awesome, mind you). I watch my food intake, work out five to six times a week, but I know I need a big kick to my fitness routine.

So how about it, serious eaters, what do you do when you know you've seriously eaten and have to seriously burn some calories?

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