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Tried anything new recently?

I posted a topic a while back asking people what something(s) was/were that they had never tried but wanted to. I think the most common response was durian.

I wanted to pose a follow up to this and ask you all what HAVE you tried recently? How was it? Did you expect it to be better/worse?

For me:
I was lucky enough to try both black truffle and saffron (in the same dish no less!) while eating a seafood soup dish at McCormick and Shmick's for fathers day. The saffron was wonderful, I'd had a cheap boxed rice before with "saffron flavor" so I had a general idea of what to expect, but the intensity of the real thing is just awesome. The truffle added a serious deep flavor to the dish too, it seemed to blend in with the salt but add almost a smoky element to the dish. I'd like to try truffle a bit more on its own where it can shine, but the dish was composed perfectly.

So all you Serious Eaters, what's new with you!?

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