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Spicy refrigerator pickle recipe help needed!

Last summer, DH and I made our first foray into refridgerator pickling. We made pickled spicy okra with a great recipe from Lisa at Homesick Texan and did great pickled jalapenos from David Lebovitz. The results were delicious and a big hit as host/ess gifts at barbecues. We even had a "pickle plate" as part of our Thanksgiving meal!

Pickling season has rolled around again and this year we want to try cucumber pickles. I adore bread and butter pickles and plan to give the Alton Brown recipe a try.

However, DH is accusing me of "pickle discrimination" because he likes his pickles spicy. Can anyone recommend a refrigerator pickle recipe that will yield crispy and spicy cucmber pickles that will keep the "pickle peace" in our home?

Thanks in advance!

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