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Back When You Were Stupid About Food

I remember being interested in cooking as a kid, but my passion for food didn't really develop until I moved away from home- and out of state- for the first time and was forced to fend for myself. Rather than go the frozen dinner and junk food route, I opted to learn how to cook and take advantage of the awesome markets near my house.

Today, while eating a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, I was thinking about all of the stupid shit I used to do back when I was stupid about food, wasteful with my money, and too lazy to cook. Some of the things included:

- Paying around eight bucks for a bad grilled cheese sandwich and fries at a diner ... when I wasn't drunk
- Buying soup out of a can
- Buying things like pasta sauce and cheese sauce
- Eating vegetables that came from a can
- Using margarine

Those are just a few of mine. I'm sure some of you grew up in houses that treated food with respect, but I didn't. So for those of you like myself, who weren't born to food-loving serious cooks, what are some of the stupid things you used to do before getting serious and learning to cook and eat right?

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