Eating Out

Minneapolis Skyway Eats?

So, I'm on jury duty in grand old Hennepin County for two weeks starting today. During the lunch break, I was about to head out downtown, until I realized I'd never really explored the Skyway before. I never expected that virtually every major building in downtown seems to rent half its second floor to restaurant space! Pizza by the slice, gyros, taquerias, Chinese, Indian, sandwich shops, and hardly a chain in sight. No wonder we don't really have street food in town, we've got sky food!

With so many little local shops, I figure there have got to be at least a couple of local treasures up there. I wound up stopping at a solid little burger place that I don't think even had a name today (definitely improved by what had to be a house-made pickle); but I thought I'd see if there were any locals who had a favorite.

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