Where to feed a Tony Award Winner lunch in NYC?

Yet another NYC-food question, and yes I know NYC and I know that there are dozens of columns on where to eat in NYC, but there are a lot of specifics here:

My sister has incredible luck and has fallen under the friendship/roommate-ship of a Tony award winning Broadway star (let's just say she's a shining beacon of musical comedy perfection and played someone's girlfriend on an HBO show, awesome). My parents and I are going to visit said sister in late June and the parents want to take the Tony award winner to a nice lunch on a Saturday to thank her for being so kind to my sister. Dinner is out as she is performing at the Carlyle(!!!) that night. Also, I would love to be able to dash to a matinee (probably in the Broadway/midtown area) so relative speed and proximity to a subway/midtown is important. We plan to start at noon.

So, friends, where should we take this Broadway star? Which of the awesome restaurants written about here (Del Posto, 11 Madison Park etc.) have prix fixe lunches on Saturdays? Of course we want it to be a special time, but, again, so much to do in NYC, so little time!!!


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