The Last Burger You'll Ever Eat

Taking the following factors into consideration, describe your most perfect beef burger. This is the last burger you will ever eat and it can only be prepared once. What are your specific requests? Try to limit your responses to only one answer per question. Burger lovers only please! No carnivore bashing :)

1- The cooking method:
2- The doneness:
3- The type of bun (and is it grilled?):
4- The mix of meat, if any (and how lean?):
5- The cheese:
6- The condiments (mustard, ketchup, mayo, etc):
7- The toppings (onion, pickle, tomato, etc):
8- The seasoning (salt, pepper, parsley, etc):
9- The size (6 oz, 8 oz, colossal):
10- The perfect side accompaniment (fries, onion rings, etc):

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