Freezing eggs, best practices?

I've seen a few references to people freezing their egg whites and egg yolks (separately, I guess) for later uses and I've never done this (all those wasted yolks and whites down the drain!!) It seems like a really good idea, but I've got a few questions (and yes, they may be dumb ones... I'm warning you in advance. Kindly don't mock me)

Any tips for how best to do this? In a plastic baggie, I'm guessing...

How do you thaw them (or do you?) when you want to use them?

How do you measure them once they are co-mingled and frozen?

Do you start a new container every time you have a new egg white/yolk to add? or can you just add them to the frozen mix?

And does using frozen whites/yolks have any effect on recipes? anything to definitely not use them for?

Thanks, in advance, for the help!

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