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Response to the journalist kicked out of Tribeca restaurant

So I assume many of us Serious Eaters have seen this article that was linked:

And also this response to it that was linked today:

Anyone have any thoughts on this? It feels to me like the "former waitress" who did it for a *whole* 2 years never actually worked in a truly nice restaurant and doesn't understand fine dining (which I presume Tribeca is fine dining).

A point-by-point rebuttal to her response:

- "Eye Contact"
I've been to really nice restaurants and the servers have gone out of their way to not be noticed. Forgot about eye contact, I mean ninja-napkin folding without anyone even noticing, glasses filling up as the table is distracted at how good the food is, etc. Never have I been in a nice restaurant and felt like I had to make eye contact with the waiter. Now that is awkward.

- "Don't make a mess"
Note to the "former waitress", clear the table and its not an issue. No ones going to be throwing "paper", "scraps", or "gunk" on their plate that has food on it. Second, why are there paper, scraps and gunk on the table in the first place? What kind of table setting is that?

- "The check"
I didn't realize how traumatic of an experience it is for this "former waitress" to handle the incredibly detailed act of ... handling the check. Seriously? If you get angry at a customer in my restaurant for how the customer handles the check, you're out of here. Try being a reasonable person.

- "Stay out of the kitchen"
I agree that a customer shouldn't walk into the kitchen on their own. But acting like its sacred space where customers can never set foot is ridiculous. Got something to hide, eh? Take a note from the French Laundry, everyone is offerred the opportunity to observe within the kitchen, during service. They're proud of what they do

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