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Recommendations for birthday dinner in Seattle?

Hello Eaters,

I'm returning to my native Seattle in June a few weeks from now, and my parents want to take me out for a slightly belated birthday dinner. I'd like to try somewhere new, since I'm not around my hometown very often and I'll be visiting enough old favorites while I'm there anyway (hello, Top Pot Doughnuts - there are no good doughnuts in Boston!). It doesn't need to be super-fancy (although that would be just fine), just delicious. Seattle proper is preferred (I don't want to drag my parents out to Woodinville or Bellevue).

My list currently consists of: Tilth, Branzino, Serious Pie, brunch at Lola, Salumi

I'd love more suggestions from you guys, though - what am I missing? What should I try?

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