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Remodeling My Kitchen: Need Your Ideas!

We're renovating our house and completely redoing our kitchen - i'm so excited! We're just in the planning stages with our architect so we have a blank slate.

After reading today's talk post about which kind of oven to buy , it made me realize that there's probably all kinds of advice just waiting for me here.

The things I DO know I want:
- an island with a sink and stone counter (not sure what kind - any suggestions?)
- a double wall oven (electric)
- a gas cooktop
- a pot filler (trendy I know, but i still want one)

Things I DON'T want:
- a trash compactor

So what am I missing? What's the one thing you wish you had in your kitchen that you don't have? Is there a brand of appliance that you love? Are there any cabinet accessories (like those lifts for mixers) that you use all the time?

Money, of course, is a factor so I wont be getting a $4000 built in espresso machine, but a kegerator, maybe :) I was also thinking about getting a single drawer fridge for the island for everyday stuff/easily accessible drinks and snacks for kids. Too much?

Looking forward to hearing back from you with suggestions!

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