NYC restaurants: oldies but goodies?

I just came off a weekend where the fiancée and I ate dinner twice at Cafe Asean (117 W 10th; b/n Sixth and Greenwich aves). The place has been there ... I think the waiter told us 16 years. Probably because of its veteran status it gets little buzz on the blogz, but I was reminded how good it was -- and how awesome the garden space is. The flavors are notches above any other SE Asian fare I've had recently in its price range, and the menu is actually out-of-the-ordinary ... soft shell crab summer rolls, braised short rib with ramp salsa one night, haddock with ramp salsa the next.

Anyway, my point here being ... What other "oldie but goodie" restaurants are flying under the radar that you think other SE'rs should know about?

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