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Idiosyncracies and Cooking/Eating (just curious)

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone else has an idiosyncrasy that interferes with their foodie desires. And I'm talking about something other than "I don't like the way that tastes".

For example - one of my favorite foods is freshly baked breads. However, I can't stand the way that flour feels when I get it on my hands, so I avoid doing that as much as possible. I use a scale to measure flour and put gloves on if I actually have to knead or shape baked goods. Same thing goes for confectionery sugar - gives me the willies if I have to touch it.

I know someone who will not eat any frozen treat that has a wooden stick because they can't stand the feel of the stick in their mouth.

Some people can't eat something because of how it looks.

How about the rest of you all?

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