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Disappointment At Your Local Fave

Here's the situation: there is a restaurant in my neighborhood that I consider to be the best at its specific brand of fare. Among many other accolades it has received, Serious Eats has done several articles about it. For months, I have boasted to my friends that it is a must-see. Unfortunately, I have noticed that the food is only good on weekends. It is clear to me that they cook the entire week's food on the weekend and then reheat it during the week. On a recent Wednesday, they had only 2 people running the entire restaurant (hosting, waiting, bartending, and "cooking"). On the weekends, the food is amazing (it is a niche food, and I've had it all over the country). On the weekdays, it is barely palatable.

I have considered complaining, but I realize that there might be financial constraints to their operations. I also don't want to look like a snob. Is this something that happens frequently at restaurants? How should I handle it? I'd love some suggestions.

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