Burger King ribs?

I heard about these a couple of days ago and decided I had to try them. So I gathered up a few co-workers yesterday and went to BK. They come in a 6 piece value meal for about $6 or an 8 piece meal for about $8. You can also get a 3 piece add-on to your whopper value meal. Which is what I did because I'm not willing to drop $6 on BK food unless it's a triple whopper with cheese but I digress... My first bite made me think of cheap beef jerky. Tough, salty, chemically smoked to meat ambiguity. Subsequent bites (there are about 1.5 bites to each rib) came on a little less strong but I'm not sure if this was due to being desensitized to the flavor or actual product improvement. They were all right for BK fare. I would probably order them again if I find myself at BK and craving ribs, as they appear to be actual rib segments (bone and all) but I wouldn't go out specifically for them. They beat applebees riblets (which is not saying much). I give them about 5 out of 10. They're food.
Anyone else brave enough to try these?

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