Your B and B faves!

As some of you might remember, last summer I worked in a B and B part time - cooking/cleaning/running my all to ample heinie off. I've been hired back on for this summer - but this time around, my boss is not going to be around much - he's taken a job that is going to keep him away much of the time. So it's my show....

and I'm looking to change up the menu a bit - in the past we've done fresh fruit, breads, fresh baking (usually scones), then a custom hot breakfast with eggs, meat, and occasionally pancakes. On busy weekends, we did baked french toast.

I'd like to add perhaps waffles into the mix, thinking to use our tired fruit to make compotes to put on top. And more breakfast casseroles.

So, what have you loved about a B and B breakfast that I can incorporate into this mix?

Just as a logistics thing - the place holds 14 at most and yes, I will do weekends with 14 on my own. I think I'm tired already (grin)........

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