New York

The Schumwich

I was shocked that the Serious Eats community (especially the New York crowd) hadn't jumped on this story yet! A Senator-endorsed favorite sandwich? Come on! How can you resist?

The Schumwich.

I proudly tried the Schumwich today!! I have to confess that I didn't follow the specifications exactly (just one level of onions and tomatoes). I think the cache of a Senator's aid going into a Subway might give them a little more leverage to stand in front of 20 waiting customers asking for a few more onions and just another couple pickles.

The verdict? Pretty delicious! The overall flavor was a little overwhelmed by the jalapeƱos. I really want to try this sandwich at home with better quality ingredients to see what the real potential of the sandwich might be.

Has anyone else tried the Schumwich? If so, what did you think? If not, any plans to now that you've seen this article?

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