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stainless steel or cast iron?

i've been looking at two oven-worthy pans, and i need help deciding. they're both about the same price.

one is stainless steel and is a bit larger. it is much lighter and seems to have a pretty sturdy base and general construction. the main thing that draws me to this one is that it seems easier to clean, i don't have to season it, and its seems much easier to pick up, especially when hot out of the oven.

the other is cast iron, a bit smaller, extremely heavy and sturdy, with an enamel outside. what i like about this one is, well, i've heard great things about cast iron pans, and it shouldn't be impossible to pick up, as there is a small handle opposite the main handle, but still pretty heavy, and that's not counting the weight of the food in it. i'm also not sure about seasoning and taking care of cast iron. its also a bit smaller.

but really, i have no idea. i'm planning to cook mostly meats and fish in this pan, where i sear it on the stove top, then transfer to the oven.


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