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Ravioli press.. kitchen worthy - yes, or no?

I have a rather small kitchen, so I do my best to not accumulate unitaskers. No special heart shaped pans, no yogurt maker.. nothing like that. The one thing I keep coming back to is a ravioli press. I love love love making ravioli (sweet potato bacon ravioli.. bestill my heart!) and I would make even more, except I stink at forming them. No matter how many videos I watch and ravioli I make, I have misshappen ravioli with large not so tasty borders, inconsistent sizes, and some missed edge sealing. I've read many a great review on the ravioli presses/forms, and I wouldn't even consider getting one if they weren't good. So.. my question is.. should I just break down and get one? It's small.. are there any other nifty things I can do with it? Help!

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