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Etiquette for Eating on Planes/Trains/Buses

I just read the CNN article that I think was linked to in a recent SE post, here:

The article begins with a story about a woman who was irritated and disgusted by some fellow plane-mates. During her flight, a couple seated next to her ate some food that they had brought onto the flight in Tupperware containers, "full of some kind of food that had a lot of curry and garlic and onions and all those yummy scents" recalls the irritated woman. She continues by saying, "They proceeded to have a feast, and they were pretty happy about it," but that the homemade food made her gag. She calls the experience "terrible." Note that this was on a four-hour flight from NY to Denver.

As an infrequent flier but someone who is about to take a flight myself this Friday, I find myself wondering, really? I mean, I understand how it can be annoying to be seated in a confined space with others who are consuming something fragrant, good or bad. But with airlines no longer feeding you for free, and with for-purchase options at crazy prices for miserable food, what is a hungry traveler to do these days? Tips in the article suggest, among other things: (1) Pre-packaged snacks and cold foods--no hot foods at all; and (2) No foods with fish, hard-boiled eggs and any foods containing garlic, onions, parmesan cheese or vinegar, as well as freshly fried foods.

Is this article right? I want to pack something tasty and satisfying for my upcoming flight, so some thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated!

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