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mashed potato help

Tonight I'm frustrated. We followed a Jamie Oliver recipe for
"olive oil mash" which involved mashing potatoes with olive oil, butter, some grated Parm and sea salt. The photo in the recipe showed this lovely, creamy, very smooth mound of potatoes, so I (stupidly) whipped out my electric beaters and got busy. Well, they turned to glue. We kept adding more olive oil and butter, then finally some water, but they were too far gone. We ate them, but obviously I did something wrong to get that stiff, dry texture.

Here's what I'd like to know. I adore mashed potatoes, and usually make them with butter and milk, occasionally beating/whipping them with a handheld mixer. How do you make yours, what do you add, and how does the beating tool affect the texture of the end product? (and what did I do wrong tonight?)

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