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Indoor grills

I'm thinking about buying one of those countertop indoor grills. We usually charcoal, but there are days when it's too rainy or too windy or we're just too lazy to fool with it out there. I was at the grocery store Saturday and they were using a George Foreman grill to cook on-the-spot steaks and cutting them up as samples to sell their steaks that day. The sample I had was so good that I had to buy the steak (thin ribeye that had been marinated). I brought it home and we fired up the charcoal grill and cooked them. To me it didn't taste that much different than the one I had at the store on the indoor grill. So . . . . my question is . . . do you indoor grill and if so, which one would you recommend to me? Also, what foods have you had success with in grilling indoors? Thanks SE'ers!

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