Carmenuccio's Newtown

Northern Fairfield County's Best Pizza

Hi Adam,

As they say on WFAN (first time caller, long time listener)

I have followed slice for many years, and while ingesting many posts on pizzas from New York to Tokyo I have never added my two cents.

Carmenuccio's, our local Newtown, CT pizzeria has been slinging outstanding New York style pies for years and I believe is worth highlighting on Slice. I have also sought to capture the best homemade pizza methods out there, from Jeff Varasano and Jeffrey Steingarden's oven manipulation methods to Pizza Hacker's Franken Weber. Tonight I was waiting for one of their Spinach pizza specialities (spinach, roasted tomatoes, pesto, mozz and roasted garlic) with an added sausage topping. While I was waiting, no greater expert on what makes a fabulous pie than Michael Stern of Roadfood casually walked into the place, looking to pick up his Friday night pizza fix. He has rated Carmenuccio's as one of the 10 best pizzas in the country. Suffice it to say, in a world of Neopolitan revolution, they have hit the classic New York pizza bullseye. Over the last few years, we seem to have lost the idea of what makes a great New York style pie. Let us plant our flag and say "No more!" From a life-long CT resident, the pizza cognition theory cannot meet a better match. A thin crust is balanced with a sweet sauce, tangy veggies and savory sausage and cheese. An absolute home run. My photos are a little muddled with poor lighting (and already devoured slices), but let it be known that northern Connecticut has established itself as a home for dynamite pies, gratuitous upskirts and cornicione shots be damned.


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