Calling All Bartenders

I have a couple ingredients at home that I want to use to make a few mixed drinks for my guests this weekend. Nothing too simple like serving it straight-up, or popular like Cosmos. I'm also trying to avoid making martinis, which I find to be too strong for most people.

For me, making the perfect mixed drink is more difficult than the most challenging meal. So, I would love if you could provide some tips, quantities, procedures for making mixed vodka-based cocktails. It would be great if you can work with what I have, but it's fine if I need to run to the store to buy a couple additional ingredients.

Here's what I have:

Hangar One Kaffir Lime Vodka
Tito's Handmade Vodka
Grand Marnier
Ginger-Black Peppercorn Simple Syrup
Agave Nectar
Club Soda
Ocean Spray Cranberry-Raspberry Juice
Ocean Spray Blueberry Juice
Pure Pomegranate Juice (which I could turn into Grenadine)
Fresh Limes and Lemons
Crushed Ice
A variety of fresh herbs and spices


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