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Relocating to NY's Capital Region

I'm relocating to New York State's Capital Region and would like some advice on eats. I went to college in Troy and lived for a spell in Albany, so I know that area well (Brown's, Red Front Pizza, and DaVinci Pizza FTW!), but I'm going to be in Schenectady.

So: what should I be eating in Schenectady? Best pizza? Best Chinese Takeout? Diners? Burger joints? Anything and everything.

And, if you have any suggestions for that whole region, don't be shy about sharing.

For Albany, I recommend Bomber's Burrito Bar, Dino's Pizza, and Capital Q (BBQ).
Also, for Troy, I recommend Muza's European Cuisine, and Famous Lunch (mini hotdogs).

Now, it's your turn to share! :-D

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