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Paella night

This past Saturday was a paella night, we celebrated my brothers daughter baptism and after a long debate over what we were going to cook we decide to cook a paella. For those who do not know paella is a Spanish rice with different kind of meats and sea food. My day started early saturday morning, I had to partially cook the Carnitas ( fried pork butt), chiken wings, Skirt Steak and peal 10 pounds of shrimp. after that was done it was time to start the fire and get the paellera ( this is the dish where the paella is cooked), when the fire was ready we put the onions, garlic and rice in the paellera an stir for a few minutes. The next step is the meats, all the meats and sea food go into the paellera at the same time, then chiken broth is pour into the paellera and clams are place al over the rice. Finally the paella is covered with banana tree leaves until the broth is consumed and the rice is ready. We had a really good time eating paella nd drinking a few beer enoying the time with the family, eating drinking and singing.

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