Noticing a Change in SE Members?

Does anyone else feel like in the last few weeks or so, you have been reading comments from members you are unfamiliar with, who are posting really negative, nasty comments? I feel like I have seen it very often recently in Talk threads as well as comments to normal posts. Is SE advertising its site more broadly or in new places now, attracting these newer members? I love new members, but I don't understand why some of these people would come to SE, take the time to join and comment only to be so downright nasty, adding nothing constructive to the site except to bash its contributors. Are these rogues from a competing site trying to squash our good vibes? Seriously though, in the SE "About" section it states, "Serious Eats is a website focused on celebrating and sharing food enthusiasm through blogs and online community." So let's see--celebrating, shared food enthusiasm, and later, they also mention "inclusive conversation." I'm all for healthy debate and different points of view, but let's be civil. I felt compelled to post this because it is making SE less enjoyable for me, and it feels less like a community. Does anyone else notice any of these changes, or am I totally off base here?


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