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Cupcake Recipes

I was asked to make dessert for my cousin's 50th birthday party and have chosen to make cupcakes, along with truffles and salted caramels (some people refuse dessert but will eat just a candy (or five) with coffee. I know the kinds of cupcakes I am making, but I wouldn't mind suggestions for your favorite recipes for my chosen varieties.

Devil's Food or Chocolate (and a frosting to match)

A simple vanilla/yellow cupcake to be made into my grandmother's "butterfly cupcakes" (filled with homemade apricot jam and topped with cream).

Lemon cupcake (I am thinking of filling with lemon curd, so is it overkill; should I just use a vanilla cupcake?)

Carrot cake. I will probably stick with Sheila Lukins' mom's recipe, but if you have one you really like . . .

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