A Hamburger Today: Wallpapers Please

A little while ago I was looking at A Hamburger Today's list of the their favorite burgers of 2009. Looking at the pictures of those burgers made my mouth began to water, and not just a little bit, but the full on, back of the mouth watering that only occurs when either you are truly hungry or you can picture exactly what the food will taste like. This was the latter.

The burger from CUBE was something I had never seen before, I was imagining what I thought sinking my teeth into it would feel/taste like, but also knowing in my heart of hearts it would be ten times better in reality. My next thought was, if I can't go there, could I at least have a picture of it as my wallpaper so that whenever I looked at my computer I could be reminded of that beauty. But alas when I clicked on the photo it was too small to do the burger justice on my desktop.

My humble request is that of the writers for A Hamburger Today, could you all please make the pictures from the burger reviews available in a size suitable for desktop wallpapers? The cameras used for the reviews must be capable of a more sizable pixel count. If this could be possible in the future it would make me very happy, and most likely delight other hungry readers as well.


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