Cooking and Baking

My V-day menu

10 courses for 8 people. Thoughts?

The menu, in order of service:

Brandy Chicken Liver Mousse

Local Mussels with Fresh Pico

Bacon Candy

Baby Red Garlic Potato Fritters
/bearnaise sauce/

Local Braised Winter Greens
/pinenuts/parmigiano reggiano/

Handmade Quail Ravioli
/green pea puree/truffle/ricotta/

Chocolate Milkshake Shot
/creme anglaise/dark chocolate/

Roasted Bone Marrow
/parsley salad/crostini/

Class War Madelines
/cornbread/caviar/creme fraiche/

and to finish...
Housemade Basil Ice Cream

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