How do you eat popcorn?

Popcorn is a strange food... popped seeds essentially. Yet, we love it. When I was little my family would gather in the living room to watch TGIF while my father loaded our automatic popper up with corn kernels and butter while we waited patiently for the green bowl (designated popcorn bowl) to arrive. Then I would pick out all of the pieces shriveled with butter and eat them one at a time... ah to be young and unaware of cholesterol. But now, as I sit in my office eating popcorn as an afternoon snack (because I can convince myself that since it's as light as air it's as if I'm eating air, and that means it's healthy), I just realized that instead of being delicate and conservative by eating 2-3 pieces at a time, I just shove as many pieces in my mouth as possible, as if I've been starved and only allowed popped corn kernels as my daily meal. My main concern here is: how do you eat your popcorn?

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