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Chicken cordon bleu

Finally, after more than four years of dating, my boyfriend has begun to embrace the idea of 'eating well.' This is huge for him. He once lived for months on Stovetop stuffing alone. (I wish I was joking). Instead of turning up his nose at my 'fancy' food and ordering pizza, he's spent the last few months taking test bites and actually coming back for more. Recently, we've even begun grocery shopping and preparing meals together. Clearly, I'm in heaven at this turn of events.

Since we're still in the early stages, I'm trying to keep things simple by preparing his favorite foods from scratch. This way, he'll come to trust my cooking and I can ease him into more exotic fare. This is what brings me to my issue. He has requested chicken cordon bleu. I have very little experience with chicken cordon bleu, having always associated it with frozen food, and therefore avoiding it. So... my question for the general public is... any good tips on how to ace this and create a killer meal? I've decided that I'm going to use proscuitto instead of deli ham, but that's about it!


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