Sharing--how do you deal with it!

This may be an eternal debate: one of a couple pays more attention to food than the other. They go out to dinner, and the first finds the right things on the menu, and the other orders rather haphazardly. Then the second decides that "sharing is cool." The first just doesn't want to. How pissed can the first one get, and how long should one allow it to last, knowing that a custom is being established? Oh, and does gender have a role here? Are men less willing to share, or women using his willingness to share as a test? Or are women eager to share to show their willingness to nurture, and men generally just want what they want and don't want to share (a steak)? Or do men in general suspect that women know more about food, so they want to share, and are women becoming as selfish as men (if men are selfish, or women aren't testing?).

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