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Restaurant Breakfast - Frustration in a Plastic Menu

IHOP, Denny's, Denver's The Egg and I, local mom and pop shops, McDonald's, Breakfast taco heaven. Most breakfast places offer desserts or eggs for breakfast. Eggs, after eggs, after more eggs. Seriously, do Americans eat eggs for breakfast every day? I like eggs, especially cracked over hot pasta for dinner, but not so much scrambled on anything called breakfast. I've seen breakfast menus that have NO choices that don't have scrambled eggs in them. And people who would normally shun dessert are signing up for the Super Sugar Syrup Berry Whipped Cream Pancake Special? If I eat breakfast, it will be small and cereal-like (good days) or something savory like a ham and cheese grilled sandwich or biscuits and pork/cream gravy (bad days). But never scrambled eggs or donuts. What's your ideal breakfast? Do you find it odd that the only meal with such a monochromatic menu in America is breakfast? Must we break the fast with blandness or sweetness?

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