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Ideally, I do not like to make my food strictly from a recipe and if I do, I'll defiantly put a different spin on it. However, I do like to look at recipes for inspiration and techniques. While looking for a good soup recipe, I went to numerous websites and search engines to look for a recipe that is "out of the ordinary". Through my exploration, I noticed that 99% of recipe websites fall into 3 categories (Quick & Easy, Healthy, Cheap Eats). It kind of bugs me. I understand that if someone has worked a full day and is tired when the get home, the don't want to make a 10 hr Bolognese sauce, but these websites are getting out of hand. ( A soup recipe literally was opening a can of broth, a can of kidney beans, and bags of frozen veg). My question is, which websites (If any) have real recipes where you actually have to cook 99% of the items. It may not be quick. It may not be healthy, and may not be cheap but that is not what I'm looking for.

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