I'm new and so were you at one time. Help me be a good member.

I have been a lurker for over a year (recently retired). When dixielea wanted a name for her nurses' cookbook, I was so inspired I decided to join right then and there! I wanted to do a play on TLC (tender loving care) only I wanted to suggest that she use TLC (tender loving cooking). TLC is a nurse thing, right? It just seemed brilliant at the time. But, when I finally returned to Start Talking (after having enrolled), I could no longer get on for a comment, much less find the question. Okay, I have so very much to learn. I readily admit it.

I know not to be a "shill," I know not to "plug" my blog (if I had one), and I know not to write in caps unless I am yelling. So what else can you tell me to help me be a good little member? How long do the questions stay active? What do I need to keep in mind especially with time limitations for responses, etc. Please share your unique problems when you first joined...I would really be appreciative and you will save me (and perhaps many others) a good deal of frustration. If this has already been discussed, then tell me how I could have found this out :).

You have all brought me so much information and joy. I am happy that I finally signed up as a member of this fun and informative community. You all are all GREAT!


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