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Hola chicas y chicos....dinner tonight 1/25/2010

Ok here it goes..Tapas in Madrid. Jamon iberico, black sausage with fried green peppers, roasted potatoes with a grey cheese that is like a rouqefort but greyish..a tomato sauce on a very thin dough, jamon with special chunky tart mustard with thinly fried potatoes, mushrooms with ham in a champagne sauce, bouqueneros (fresh sardines in a olive oily yum), roasted asparagus, french champagne and a delicious spanish beer. Ate roasted pig at Botin-I may never be the same. All ordered by a Barcelonian travel/food writer. In heaven....must skype home to tell them to pack their bags......all of us habla espanol except BigMan and he can change to KeptMan....

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