Baking Bread

I'm seriously considering baking more of my own bread, but I have a few problems. I know some of you bake your own, so I'm hoping you can advise me.

1. How do you slice it relatively evenly? I take a sandwich as part of my lunch almost every day, more often than not PBJ or something like it -- I want to be able to slice bread thinly -- no bigger than the width of my thumb or so -- and consistently, so I don't have a piece that's noticeably thicker than another in a sandwich.

2. How do you slice homemade bread neatly? My slices seem to come out a bit ragged, which is fine if I'm snacking, but not so good if I want to spread something like butter on it.

3. Are some recipes for bread better than others for to address problems 1 and 2?

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

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