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After You Left the Nest

Based on the Talk topic The Simple Thing Mom Never Made, I thought about the dishes I made once I left home that my parents did not make or eat at home.

What are some of the dishes that everyone else brought from home for lunch or what you saw "normal" kids eat on tv shows, commercials, or movies that your parents didn't make, that you were dying to make once you went on your own?

For me, the first week I lived on my own, I made Kraft mac n cheese. It was amazing!

I bought a Betty Crocker cookbook and made crab noodle casserole -- the same recipe as tuna noodle casserole, but with crab, since I've never met a crab dish that I didn't like...well, except for that one time my mother experimented on the fly. She always usual experimented while I was in school and my father was at work. The only blemish in my mother's cooking history that I recall was a creamy avocado, shrimp, crab, and lobster soup baked in its shell. (I figured out the reason why it failed during a Talk thread on SE 15 years later :)

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