About that can of waaaaay past date black truffle breakings...

Opened it this morning. What a let down, although I have to admit I was rather expecting this. The can held about 2/3 C of what looks like oversized coffee grounds, and almost no liquid at all.

Virtually no scent or flavor at all. Nothing off. Just so little that I actually had to have DH smell it to see if I was imagining the slightest truffle scent because I wanted it to be there. Tasted it and there's only the faintest discernible flavor.

Am still alive, so I mixed the batch with some unsalted Irish butter, added some sea salt and froze it until I decide what to do with it. Butter with lots of black dots. Will have to mix with some decent truffle oil, and keep the truffles for appearance sake. Have a couple tablespoons of the butter mixture unfrozen, and will try heating gently to see if that helps.

Posted a picture on Photobucket if you want to see what the contents of a very old can of truffle breakings looks like. Wonder if a fresh can would be so flavorless.

Thank you for all the good suggestions, and rumors of my demise have been greatly exagerated, lol. At least not from old truffles.


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