What was your favorite food memories of 2009?

For me, this one is a little difficult, because I had so many, but I will give a brief rundown.

1. Having the original Sacher Torte in the Hotel Sacher in Vienna with the manager of the hotel.
2. Horsemeat prosciutto on pizza in Slovenia, who claim to *really* have invented pizza (do not argue, this will only lead to tears).
3. Real Chinese food, taught to me in the kitchen of the East West Cafe by the owner and chefs of the cafe on Shanghai, China.
4. The wedding lunch at my brother's wedding (just for the sheer fact that no one ever thought that he would get married and I spent the entire meal watching himself and my new SIL snuggling - such a treasure!)
5. My first Christmas Day dinner (mexican fajitas and nachos with ranchero beans and cookies for dessert) at my first home, with my parents last week. And they loved it, which was even better!

So, what were yours?

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