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Shipping Frozen Dinners?

I've been brainstorming for a good gift for my widowed 87 year old Father-In-Law. This morning, I had the brilliant idea to ship him some homemade frozen dinners, since he rarely cooks for himself. He's in Phoenix, we are in Chicago. I've got some ideas for things to fix and freeze and can manage to cook them this weekend, but has anyone shipped anything like this?

My thought was dry ice + a styrofoam cooler, I think I've been shipped pizza like that. I was thinking of investing in a vacuum sealer, if necessary. Otherwise it would be foil pans in ziploc bags. Suggestions, please?

Oh, and if you are interested here are my freezable dinner ideas:
Stuffed shells marinara
Pot roast
Turkey, gravy & stuffing
Chicken & dumplings
Beef & Barley Soup
Chicken Pot Pie

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